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Transform Your Productivity with Momentum Chrome Extension

The Importance of Browser Extensions

Browser extensions enhance the functionality of your web browser, helping to personalize your online experience. These tools can streamline your workflow, increase productivity, and even protect you from potential security threats.

Momentum: A Google Chrome Extension

Momentum is a Google Chrome extension designed to replace your new tab page with a personal dashboard. Its purpose is to help users maintain focus, stay organized, and remain motivated to achieve their goals. This extension transforms your browser into a vital productivity tool, with each new tab guiding you towards deeper focus and maintained energy.

Main Goals of the Momentum Extension

With Momentum, each new tab becomes a source of inspiration and motivation, rather than distraction. Here are the main features of Momentum:

  • It provides a new background, mantra, and quote each day to inspire users.
  • Its Focus Mode helps users concentrate better.
  • It simplifies work and life with easy-to-use to-do lists.
  • It creates shortcuts to your favorite websites.
  • It provides local weather information.
  • It offers Google/Bing and other search options on your dashboard.
  • It is customizable, allowing users to show or hide features as per their preference.
  • It is private and secure, with no data sharing or selling.

Momentum has impacted the lives of over 3 million users worldwide, helping them stay focused, organized, and motivated daily. For more information on Momentum, you can visit their website.

Installation and Setup

How to install the extension

Installing the Momentum extension is a straightforward process that can be completed in a few simple steps:

  1. Visit the Chrome Web Store.
  2. Search for 'Momentum' in the search bar.
  3. Click on 'Add to Chrome' to install the extension.
  4. After installation, you might see a 'Change back to Google' notification. Click the 'Keep it' button for the best experience.

Setup process

During the setup process, you are given a range of options to customize the extension. Here are a few notable settings:

  • Focus Mode: Helps you focus better by minimizing distractions.
  • Customizable Dashboard: Allows you to show or hide features based on your preference.
  • Search Options: You can choose from Google, Bing and other search options for your dashboard.

Compatibility with different devices or platforms

The Momentum extension is compatible with any device or platform that supports Google Chrome. This includes Windows, Mac, and Linux computers as well as Android and iOS devices. It is important to note that for the best user experience, the developers recommend using Momentum on a desktop or laptop rather than on mobile devices.

Key Features of Momentum

Main Features

Momentum is a unique browser extension that replaces your new tab page with a personal dashboard. This dashboard assists you in staying focused, getting organized, and keeping motivated. Here are the main features:

  1. Feature 1: Daily Inspiration — Each day, you get a new background, mantra, and quote to feel inspired.
  2. Feature 2: Focus Mode — The focus mode helps you concentrate better.
  3. Feature 3: To-do Lists — Simplify your work and life with easy-to-use to-do lists.
  4. Feature 4: Website Shortcuts — You can create shortcuts to your favourite websites for quick access.
  5. Feature 5: Local Weather Info — Get local weather information directly on your dashboard.
  6. Feature 6: Customizable Dashboard — Personalize your dashboard by hiding or showing features as per your preference.
  7. Feature 7: Privacy and Security — Momentum assures that your data is private and secure. They do not share or sell your data. For more privacy details, visit the Momentum Privacy Policy.

Enhanced Browsing Experience

The features of Momentum aim to enhance your browsing experience in several ways. The daily inspiration feature keeps you motivated, while the focus mode helps you concentrate on your tasks. With the quick shortcuts to your favorite websites and local weather information at your fingertips, browsing becomes more efficient. The customizable dashboard allows you to set up your space just the way you like it. And most importantly, you can rest assured of your data's privacy and security with Momentum.

Security and Privacy

Extension's Security Analysis

The security analysis of an extension is crucial to understand its potential risks and safety. The ranking is determined based on different factors such as the manifest.json, content script, permissions, and host permissions. The rank ranges from 0 to 10, with the higher rank indicating a higher impact on security.

  • Manifest.json rank: 9
  • Content script rank: 0
  • Permissions rank: 10
  • Host permissions rank: 0

The weight of the permissions also plays a role in the security analysis. For instance, the 'unlimitedStorage' permission has a weight of 5, implying its significant impact on security.

Potential Security Concerns or Vulnerabilities

Any extension can be a potential source of security concerns or vulnerabilities. It is essential to understand these potential risks and how to mitigate them. Potential vulnerabilities could include excessive permissions, unsecure data storage and transmission, or susceptibility to cross-site scripting attacks. Users need to be aware of these potential threats and use the extension judiciously to mitigate these risks.

Requested Permissions and Their Impact on Security

The permissions requested by an extension can significantly impact user's security. Some permissions allow the extension to access sensitive information or perform potentially harmful operations. It is always advisable to review the requested permissions and understand their implications before installing any extension.

Read more about Chrome extension permissions here.

User Reviews and Ratings

Understanding user experiences can be extremely informative when considering an extension. To this end, we have collated and summarized user reviews and feedback from the Chrome Web Store

User reviews on the Chrome Web Store

A broad range of user reviews and experiences can be found on the Chrome Web Store. The reviews reflect a variety of user perspectives, helping to provide a balanced view of the Momentum extension.

Common user feedback and experiences

Common themes found in user feedback include praise for the extension's aesthetics and its ability to help users stay focused. Some users mentioned the calming effect of the new tabs, the helpfulness of the to-do lists, and the motivational impact of daily mantras and quotes. However, there was also some criticism, primarily focused on the hiding of the bookmarks bar and some minor bugs. Users have expressed a desire for an option to display the bookmarks bar alongside Momentum's features, as well as for certain bugs to be addressed.

Positive and negative reviews

Positive reviews frequently mention the aesthetic appeal of the Momentum extension, with many users praising the calming and motivational impact of the new tab designs. The extension's to-do list feature is also frequently highlighted as a valuable tool for productivity.

On the other hand, negative reviews often cite the hiding of the bookmarks bar and minor bugs as areas for improvement. It appears that these issues have disrupted the workflow of some users, suggesting that these could be potential areas of focus for future updates.

Overall, the majority of reviews are positive, indicating a generally favourable user experience. The extension seems to have been successful in helping users stay focused and organized, although there are some areas that could benefit from further refinement.

For more detailed user reviews, please visit the Chrome Web Store.

Comparing Momentum with Similar Extensions

After reviewing the Momentum extension, we have identified a few similar extensions that offer comparable features. These extensions are Leoh New Tab, AlphaText, and Home - New Tab Page.

Leoh New Tab

Leoh New Tab is a minimalist and customizable homepage extension that offers features like a to-do list, weather updates, bookmarks, and access to Google Calendar, among others. While similar to Momentum, Leoh prioritizes productivity. It allows users to set a goal to focus their day and offers stunning photography and elegant fonts to enhance user experience. However, unlike Momentum, Leoh does not offer a focus mode feature, which could be a key differentiator for users seeking to boost their concentration.


AlphaText is a unique extension that primarily focuses on enhancing text readability online. It allows users to adjust font size, style, and line spacing on websites and even apply color adjustments to optimize text and background colors to their liking. While this extension is not as feature-rich as Momentum, it could be useful for users who spend a lot of time reading online content and want to enhance their reading experience.

Home - New Tab Page

Home - New Tab Page replaces the new tab page with a customized dashboard featuring favorite sites, notifications, quick notes, weather, and more. It is quite similar to Momentum, offering features like to-do lists, weather updates, and bookmarks. However, it stands out with its built-in beautiful background gallery and the ability to hide any element for a clean look.

Momentum's Unique Selling Points

Momentum distinguishes itself from these similar extensions with its focus on providing a personal dashboard designed to help users stay organized and motivated. Unique features of Momentum include:

  • Focus Mode: This encourages users to concentrate on tasks without distractions.
  • Inspirational background, mantra, and quote: These are updated daily to inspire users.
  • Local weather info: This provides users with weather updates in their location.
  • Customizability: Users can show or hide features as per their preference.
  • Privacy and security: Momentum does not share or sell user data.

Recommendations Based on Comparisons

Based on these comparisons, each extension has its unique strengths. If a user is seeking an extension that offers a wide range of features designed to boost productivity, provide daily inspiration, and maintain focus, then Momentum is a great choice. However, if a user prioritizes readability and customization of online content, AlphaText could be more suitable. For those who prefer a clean and customizable dashboard with their favorite sites and notifications, Home - New Tab Page would be the best fit.


Overall strengths and weaknesses of the extension

Overall, the Momentum extension presents a plethora of strengths that significantly outweigh its weakness. Its strengths lie in its ability to enhance productivity through numerous features such as Focus Mode, customizable dashboards, local weather info, and search options. The extension offers a unique, personalized experience with inspiring daily backgrounds and quotes. Furthermore, it is private and secure, ensuring that user data is not shared or sold.

However, its downside is that the more advanced features are available only in the premium version. The limited access in the free version might discourage users who want to fully utilize the extension without paying.

Whether the extension is worth trying

In light of the above, it's safe to conclude that the Momentum extension is definitely worth trying. Its user-friendly functionality and focus on productivity enhancement make it an invaluable tool for those seeking to stay organized and focused. Although some features require a paid subscription, the free version is still robust enough to offer significant benefits.

Additional tips or recommendations for users

  1. Explore All Features: Make sure to explore all the features offered, even the ones hidden in the settings. These can help tailor the extension to your needs.
  2. Trial of Plus Version: Consider trying out the Plus version for free. This can give you an idea of whether the premium features are worth the investment.
  3. Feedback: If you encounter issues or have suggestions, don't hesitate to contact the Momentum team through their Help Center or Suggestions page.

Increase focus and productivity

Customizable features to suit your preferences

Privacy-focused and secure

Limited features without Momentum Plus subscription

13848 reviews
30 Reviews For This Extension
Sajjad Hossain2.0

Momentum offers a beautiful and motivating new tab experience. However, I find it inconvenient that the extension hides the bookmarks bar. While the built-in to-do list is helpful, the inability to easily access bookmarks disrupts my workflow. Adding an option to display the bookmarks bar alongside Momentum's features would greatly improve the user experience. I look forward to future updates that address this usability concern.

Advika Rai

Really great, helps me focus in hard times. 10/10, YAY!!

Rachael Dawn

I will never stop recommending this app, and they can have my yearly sub money! It's such a little thing in your day, but it really makes a huge difference. The mantras + motivation + photos are like THE BEST part of the extension. I don't even really use any of the plus features, I just give them my money because I want to support them.

shwon michel



Shocked my how amazing it is. Unique backgrounds, focus mode, all of these impress me in a way I've never seen before. I was just scrolling on the chrome web store just looking around, and this extension changed everything. 10/10 WOULD RECOMMEND! It doesn't cash grab, and if you are looking for boosting your study with controlled times and setting, upgrading would seem perfect for you! There are timers, even background noises, and even tab hiding! Very good app! ?

Aleksandar Micic

Once I saw that they're asking for email I thought this was going to be a Premium-heavy extension as well as one of those that wants your data, as I value my privacy. But I have to say I'm blown away. It has everything I ever wanted, it's highly customizable, it's seamless, plus it values minimalism. To devs: please do not change anything. Well done.

Hann Meriya

nice but how to get the notes and ask ai thing not able to get it


looks really good but it doesn't show the saved groups.


Really great extension. There are however some features that I would REALLY like added. 1.) Launchpad looks great, however there is no way to edit the links. It automatically pulls from your top sites. Personally, I don't want that. I'd much rather have the ability to post my bookmarks as beautiful icons on launchpad. I'm sure some people prefer to have their top sites displayed, but I'd rather not have pornhub.com showing on my beautiful home screen. I'd rather have the ability to pin websites that I frequently visit. The current bookmark option is too small, and quite frankly doesn't really fit with the beautiful UI. Being able to choose between top websites and bookmarks for launchpad, is a MUST. 2.) There is no option as far as I can see to include the date near the time. This would also be a nice feature to have. Overall, a great extension and I'm really hoping the developer can add the features I've listed. Other offerings (bonjourr) include the features I've mentioned, however the overall implementation and design of Momentum is far superior.

Rohit Bharadwaj

Good Extension and does what it advertises except for one thing which is leaving a bad taste in the mouth. One has to Type " WHAT DO YOU WANT TO DO TODAY" TWICE which has become a nuisance. Almost at the verge of removing it Will rewrite this if that BUG is taken care of

aparajita singh


Bobak Tadjalli

Recently installed the Momentum Chrome extension and noticed that it displays 'Zen, Switzerland' at the bottom-left, despite my actual location being elsewhere. How can I update this? Additionally, what is the best way to contact the support team directly?


Been using it since high school, and my favorite feature is the to-do list as well as the daily quotes. I also LOVE the daily images from different parts of the world. Just makes me motivated even more!!

Study Edge

Please fix the chrome tab Error as soon as possible.

Lia DaSilva

PLease fix the chrome tab error

Aris S

Pls fix the chrome tab on the dash error ASAP


Momentum has become an answer to prayer. I love to create and I have design, website, video and media projects like you would not imagine. Being a creative I struggle with severe ADHD. Being ADHD makes it EXTEMLY Hard for me to focus. Your tool is INVALUABLE. It is a GOD SENT from the heavens above. I get so much done you have thought of EVERYTHING that keeps people like me distracted and off task. I REALLY want to share that I am so very thankful and grateful for your extension. When I put it on I focus and get things done. My clients thank you. My family thanks you. I thank you from the bottom of my passionate heart.


chrome tab is error since chrome v122

symaira elliott

Really nice app and helps me stay on top of things. However the tab feature has weirdly stopped working and won't come back. I guess after having the extension for a while it will start to glitch and stop working

Mohammed Sarmadh

It looks good, but most of the stuff that i want to customize is in the pro mode.

Mostafa Yeganeh

nice app! but it will be better if you add more tasks for goals

Krishna Sharma

i used it just a week ago it is very interesting and it reming me of my todays goal

Laurel Morris

Ive used this for the past 7 years, starting in university. I love it!

marouf sultanzada

I love it. this remind me , what is the goal for today? that is very need and improtant for some people. if you know simmilar app please share with me.

Lester Wang

Lots of images and quotes to kick the day off. Verrrry calming indeed.

Ronald Ramakers

Perhaps nice for some people who like watching pictures on the desktop or PC. I only use my PC when I need to do something. Not for watching pictures! When I'm finished I just turn off my PC. If you really like to leave your PC on when you don't use it, why don't you just use a nice background for your desktop? I don't understand the use of 'Momentum'.

nihal tandon

Amazing the home screen looks so beautiful and calming this is the best extension i've ever downloaded!

Ganaaka Ganaa

How i will sync back old datas on this extension

Stuart Pinchen

I'm a huge fan of this extension. I was using it for about a year for free, before choosing to subscribe for more value. Functions that are particularly useful to me personally as a developer and project manager: 1) My favourite bookmarks to dev sites displayed for super-easy access. 2) Focus mode stuff with pomodoro to keep me from being distracted. 3) Direct link to my most important task from my task management task lists. 4) Balance mode that helps me know when to shut down for the day to avoid burnout. So many great features! If there was just one improvement I could ask, would be better if Ask AI takes longer to reach its token limit. But, understand the need for usage limits. Apart from that, really, really love everything!

Vinay Pandey

Everything in Momentum is jus awesome, do a favor please , have a pills kind of box indiacating time on browser i am spending/investing on each tab it should start from 0 and when i add new tab there should be new pill box start from 0 again and previous one should stop. Thanks

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